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Books That Matter Make A Difference

New Children’s Book, Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House, written and illustrated by Alisha Burton, shows that books that matter make a difference.

[Raligh, North Carolina,] March 4, 2023—Alisha Burton releases her first children’s book, Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House, on March 4th, 2023. A local company, Tabletop Publishing, has online books at all major retailers. Join Tabletop Publishing and Alisha Burton for a virtual book launch party on March 4th at 1 PM. Reserve your seat at

Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House is an inclusive, 32-page children’s book that teaches the importance of acceptance. The narrator shares a story about making a new friend and experiencing the surprise of finding out where he lives. The message applies to educators, guardians, and childcare workers alike. With this story, kids will learn more about how to make friends and accept others and their differences by avoiding judgment. Kids will love the fun verse and whimsical illustrations.

Tabletop Publishing focuses on creating accessible books for diverse readers by providing large fonts, interactive activities, and QR codes for exclusive book readings of their books. This book includes a page dedicated to messages found in the story, things to discuss after reading, and customizable pages like coloring pages, mazes, and blank pages for drawing or writing. Additional activities related to the message and story are included in a QR code, accessible only with the book, to hone in on the important lessons found within the story.

"I hope to instill in my readers a sense of imagination, wonder, possibility, hope, acceptance, authenticity, and love." - Alisha Burton.

Alisha has always had a knack for writing and rhyme. By the age of 10, she had her first work published after having won a local writing competition. She hasn’t stopped creating since.

Alisha is originally from New York State and lives in Guatemala with her spouse and son. She enjoys being a mother and living a life of adventure. Cooking and eating delicious food, spending time in nature, exploring new places with her family, and learning new things. She attributes her capacity for writing to her father, who always encouraged her to read and write. One of her most cherished possessions is a stunning book collection of over 200 leather-bound classics gifted to her by her father as a child. Amongst them, one of her all-time favorites, Lewis Carol's “Alice in Wonderland,” spoke to her curious nature and stirred her imagination. “When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!” - from Alice in Wonderland.


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