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Best Books for Early Readers: Importance of Rhyme and Repetition

Updated: May 7, 2022

Repetition. The best young reader books understand the importance of this tool. Repetition is the repeated use of a phrase or key word in a story.

Rhyme. Early Reader and Young Reader books that use rhyme strengthen reading. Kids can anticipate how to read a new word when there are repeated end-sounds. Rhyme and repetition are key to the best early reader books.

Watch the video readings of these two Young Reader books. They are perfect for kids learning to read as they each have rhyme and repetition. These are two key devices that help early readers read books with ease.

As children read books like “When I’m Feeling Red” and “When I’m Feeling Blue”, reading becomes less daunting. Their confidence increases as they recognize certain words and rhyme patterns. This results in faster reading.

“When I’m Feeling Red” and “When I’m Feeling Blue” are perfect books for early readers for this reason. This is also why Dr. Seuss’s books are genius. Even though there are nonsensical words, the use of rhyme and repetition is designed to help and encourage early readers.

What we love about “When I’m Feeling Red” and “When I’m Feeling Blue”, is that they also include social emotional learning. Having tools for big feelings is so important for young children.

If you have a social emotional learning, or young reader book you want to share with the world, contact us today! Tabletop Publishing is looking for authors with a vested interested in providing children with top quality books.

Send us a manuscript and we can let you know how we are able to help you complete the process of getting your book completed and published. Publishing offers are at the discretion of Tabletop Publishing. Tabletop is looking for authors who truly have a special message and want to create something that has meaning and a purpose. We looking forward to hearing from you!

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