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Award-Winning Author and Illustrator Eeha Bhatt Celebrates Double Honors for "Moby Plays the Flute"

Dallas, TX – Eeha Bhatt, a talented author and illustrator, is celebrating her recent achievements as her book Moby Plays the Flute secures two prestigious Purple Dragonfly Literary Awards. The heartwarming children's picture book has earned Bhatt second place for Best Cover Art Design and an Honorable Mention in the Picture Books category for ages 6 & up. These accolades underscore Bhatt's dedication to creating meaningful and impactful stories for children.

Moby Plays the Flute is a touching tale that follows the journey of a young girl named Moby as she learns the value of perseverance and determination when her father, a U.S. Marine, is deployed for a year. The simple gift of a flute becomes a powerful tool that teaches Moby the rewards of hard work and dedication. The story's themes of resilience and passion resonate with readers of all ages, reminding them that meaningful accomplishments require effort and dedication.

Bhatt's unique storytelling approach makes Moby Plays the Flute more than just a children's picture book—it's a relatable story of personal growth that resonates with readers young and old. Through Moby's journey of self-discovery, the book imparts important life lessons that reflect the universal experiences of learning, growing, and finding one's passions.

Eeha Bhatt's commitment to creating emotionally resonant books for children stems from her own life experiences. A self-taught part-time artist, Bhatt's passion for storytelling and drawing developed during her school years. Her stories and artwork were frequently featured in her school magazine and exhibitions. Bhatt's deep-rooted desire to convey messages of growth and self-improvement to young readers drives her creative efforts.

With a degree in Japanese Language from Visva Bharati University and a Master's in Japanese Language from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Bhatt's academic background further enriches her creative pursuits. Her artwork has been recognized and published in various exhibitions and magazines, showcasing her diverse talents and dedication to the arts.

Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Eeha Bhatt aspires to make her mark as a full-time artist and storyteller. You can even find her book in the Dallas library. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to creativity, personal growth, and the power of storytelling to inspire and uplift.


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