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Author/Illustrator Alisha Burton Inspires with Two New Book Releases Amidst Pregnancy and Montessori

Alisha Burton, a remarkable author, illustrator, and devoted Montessori home educator, is set to captivate young readers once again with the release of her two enchanting books, Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House and Trevor the Mouse and the Grumpy Snowman. These heartwarming tales are not only a testament to Alisha's creative prowess but also a testament to her dedication as she juggles these achievements while being pregnant and nurturing her own son's education.

The two books, which are part of the beloved Trevor the Mouse series, offer an imaginative and educational journey for children. Through engaging rhyme and stunning illustrations, Alisha Burton skillfully imparts essential life lessons, primarily focusing on the theme of judgment. Book One is a delightful exploration of how appearances can be deceiving and the importance of embracing empathy and understanding. While Book Two teaches us that we cannot control the happiness of others, for that is found only within ourselves.

Trevor the Mouse, first sprang to life in Alisha's mind when she was just 16 years old, seated in her car with a heart full of inspiration. From that serendipitous moment, Alisha began crafting Trevor's adventures, weaving his tales with creativity and care. These stories quickly gained traction when Alisha submitted them to a local paper, where they found a dedicated audience in her very own column. Over the years, Trevor has evolved into a cherished bedtime companion for children nationwide, his tales enchanting young minds with their timeless lessons.

What makes Alisha's achievements even more remarkable is her commitment to nurturing her son's education through the Montessori method while simultaneously creating these beautiful books. Her ability to balance the demands of motherhood, education, and creativity is truly inspiring, setting an example for parents and aspiring authors alike.

The second book in the series, Trevor the Mouse and the Grumpy Snowman, is now available for pre-order exclusively on This highly anticipated continuation of Trevor's adventures promises to capture hearts once again and leave readers eagerly turning pages.


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