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A Book To Inspire Love Between Parent and Child

Local Author Releases New Book: My Home Filled With Love, by Early Interventionalist and Positive Parenting Influencer, Desiree Blanchard

[London, Canada Feb 7, 2023]—Local Canadian Author Desiree Blanchard, Early Interventionalist and Positive Parenting Influencer, is releasing her first children’s book, My Home Filled With Love, on Feb 7, 2023. U.S. Indie Publishing Company, Tabletop Publishing, has books available online at all major retailers. Join Tabletop Publishing and Desiree for a virtual book launch party on February 5th. Reserve your seat at now!

This book showcases the love between parent and child.

My Home Filled With Love is an inclusive, 38-page children’s book that teaches healthy ways to love others. The story is uniquely told from the child’s perspective of her parents. The message applies to educators, guardians, and childcare workers alike. With this story, kids will learn more about how much you, as their parent or caregiver, love them with every choice you make. Kids will love the bright and vibrant colors on the pages and engage with the sing-song verse.

"I strongly believe in the advocacy and promotion of early childhood development. A safe and nurturing home environment has a positive influence on later school achievement, as well as continued health in adulthood." - Desiree Blanchard.

Desiree Blanchard is an Early Interventionist and a Positive Parenting Practitioner. She completed her Master’s degree in Human Kinetics, where she evaluated certain child health behaviors in a daycare setting. Desiree also has many trainings and certifications in early childhood development.

Tabletop Publishing focuses on creating accessible books for diverse readers by providing large fonts, interactive activities, and QR codes for exclusive book readings of their books. This book includes a dedicated page showcasing the messages found in the story, things to discuss after reading, and customizable pages like coloring pages, mazes, and blank pages for drawing or writing. Additional activities related to the message and story are included in a QR code, accessible only with the book, to hone in on the important lessons found within the story.


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