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Tavena Mejdouli

Tavena Mejdouli: A Portrait of Passion & Precision

Artistic Roots:

Inspired by a painter-parent, Tavena's love for art blossomed early, leading her to Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and later, the Academy of Art University.

Love for Oil Paint:

It was here, in 2015, she discovered her affinity for oil paints, setting the stage for her signature style.

Diverse Inspirations:

From Impressionism to realism, and artists like Klimt and Sargent, Tavena's work is a rich tapestry of influences.

Narrative Figuratives:

Her art tells stories, blending realism with timeless tales, each piece a detailed exploration of beauty.

Essence in Portraiture:

Beyond likeness, Tavena aims to capture the soul of her subjects, treating each portrait with reverence and a sense of legacy.

Dedicated Craftswoman:

Tavena's journey reflects her dedication to art, her pursuit of beauty and realism, and her contribution to the enduring tradition of figurative and portrait art.

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