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Rachel Underwood

Rachel Underwood: From Dinosaurs to Delightful Art

Creative Spark:

Rachel's journey took a whimsical turn with the concept of a ukulele-playing T-Rex, co-created with her friend Jessica.

Dedicated Research:

To bring Terry Tyrannosaurus to life, Rachel immersed herself in dinosaur and prehistoric studies, blending accuracy with charm in her illustrations.

Artistic Foundation:

With degrees from Towson University and the University of South Florida, Rachel's art spans oil painting to sculpture and beyond.

Military to Artistry:

A US Navy vet and Air National Guard photojournalist, her diverse experiences enrich her creative perspective.

Palosaur Tales Passion:

Rachel's venture into children's book illustrations rekindled her dinosaur fascination, showcasing her versatility and love for storytelling.

Artistic Evolution:

Rachel's narrative is one of friendship, perseverance, and the joy of bringing educational and entertaining stories to children, continuing to inspire with her diverse talents.

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