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Eeha Bhatt

Eeha Bhatt: Dallas's Artistic and Linguistic Luminary

Multi-Talented Maven:

Eeha excels as an artist, author, illustrator, and language professional, blending creativity with linguistic prowess.

Artistic Journey:

From self-taught beginnings to a distinctive style that captivates and tells stories.

Literary Success:

Her children's book, "Moby Plays the Flute," showcases her storytelling and artistic skills, earning acclaim across ages.

Collaborative Creations:

Eeha's cover art for "See Me: The Invisible Autistic Boy" highlights her ability to visually narrate, making her a valued partner in publishing.

Artistic Recognition:

Featured in "Dragonfly Hope Works" magazine and exhibited at the Greenbelt Arts Center, her work continues to inspire.

Award-Winning Impact:

Her Tsunami Picture collage/story at Kizuna India demonstrates her poignant storytelling through art.

Aspiring Full-Time Artist:

With a background in Japanese language services, Eeha's true passion lies in art and storytelling, aiming to dedicate herself fully to these crafts.

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