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Claire Mitchell

Every challenge we encounter is a stepping stone on the path to our greatest selves. Embrace the journey, for it is in overcoming these obstacles that we discover our true strength and potential.

Claire Mitchell, from the serene suburbs of Surrey, intricately blends her experiences as a mother, nature enthusiast, and holistic practitioner into her debut children's book. Inspired by her own daughter's journey with anxiety and neurodiversity, Claire crafts stories with the aim of fostering understanding, comfort, and connection among families navigating similar challenges.

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Weaving Compassion into Children's Tales

Claire Mitchell, from Surrey and a mother of three, blends her roles as a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and writer, driven by her daughter's journey with anxiety and neurodiversity. Her debut book seeks to comfort children facing similar challenges, inspired by daily moments and stories like "Guess How Much I Love You." Claire's writing focuses on love, self-worth, and the irreplaceable value each person adds to the world, aiming to foster family bonds, emotional resilience, and a deep sense of belonging and understanding between children and parents.

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